4 signs indicate damage to the water heater


4 signs indicate damage to the water heater

The pleasure you get from a hot bath after work is undeniable. So what happens when you come home tired and a faulty water heater – εγκατάσταση φυσικού αερίου – is the little surprise that awaits you? Unfortunately it may be too late.

Seek professional help immediately to prevent widespread disaster. The damage that can result from such damage is very large and extremely costly. Before you get to the point where you have to change the whole floor and fight the moisture on the wall, there are some signs that can warn you.

How do you know if there is a fault in the water heater?

1. The water is not hot enough

If the water does not heat up enough while you wait, then something is probably wrong. Also, if you notice sudden changes in water temperature, without you having done anything, it is a sign that the water heater is not working properly. It is said that cold water tightens the skin but there is no reason to try it in the winter. The problem may be minor and may be due to the thermostat or electrical connections.

2. You hear strange noises

Does your boiler make a fuss when the water heats up? Sounds like he’s making you hot, delicious popcorn? Most likely, unfortunately, it is in its last. There is a fault in the water heater and you should seek professional help immediately. If you realize it in time, you can repair it before it punctures and it needs a complete replacement.

3. The water is dirty

Do you turn on the hot water in your shower and it either smells or comes out pieces of rust? Your water heater needs cleaning. Over time, salts and sludge have accumulated inside the boiler, with the above result. An annual plumbing maintenance on your water heater, however, can prevent further damage. Do not forget, after all, that the money you would have to pay later to repair it, would be much more.

4. There is a water leak

If a small pond appeared around your water heater, things are not very good. It is important to understand where the leak is coming from. If it is from a gasket or valve, the problem is probably easily corrected. On the contrary, if the water heater is punctured, you do not save the replacement. It is good to check your boiler regularly. Usually, because the installation is at a point where we do not have direct eye contact, we detect the leak when it is too late.

Do not ignore the above signs, if you want to save unnecessary expenses.

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