6 Tips what roofing tiles to choose


6 Tips what roofing tiles to choose

Many times, customers who are looking for the best to build their new tile roof, ask Gikas Roofing Roofers with various questions about the quality of the tiles, and they are happy to explain to them the quality characteristics of roofing tiles, and the advantages they have.

Unfortunately, many are “victims” of tiles from other companies, of inferior quality, and, either they are looking for the best to replace their tile roof by easily choosing our own products, or they are extremely skeptical about ceramic materials.

Finally, others are misinformed about tile quality issues, so it is an opportunity to restore reality to its proper dimensions.

Which roofing tiles to choose?

1. The tiles that guarantee many years of resistance to ice, time and flexural strength

You should always choose roofing tiles for your home which are accompanied by a written guarantee of unlimited duration, for their durability in all adverse conditions and the fulfillment of the specifications according to EN 1304.
Tiles are constantly tested, according to the specifications set by the standard ELOT EN 1304, for their mechanical strength, frost resistance and water permeability, in a privately owned laboratory by well-trained scientific staff.

2. Those that are 100% made of clay, without dyes

The shade of the tiles is achieved in a natural way, with the careful selection of Raw Materials in suitable mixtures that, by firing at the right temperatures, acquire the desired shade. The color of the tiles is now a natural property of the tiles and does not change or be affected by time and weather conditions, unlike concrete tiles, whose color is a product of paint, which sooner or later will fade.

In addition, roofing tiles, being natural and real ceramic materials, have the characteristic of perspiration, naturally emitting water vapor from the roof, regulating the micro-climate of the house and offering ideal living conditions.

3. Tiles that are ecological and environmentally friendly

Tiles are produced with natural materials (clay) without the addition of chemicals. In addition, they are materials with a practically unlimited lifespan, and if they need to be removed, they are fully recyclable and do not harm the environment, while they are chemically neutral without containing toxic or harmful substances to the environment and organisms.

4. Those that have neither silicone, nor enamel, nor other paints, so that they can breathe and expel the water vapor that is created

Thus, our roof “breathes”, without water permeability, because tiles have an ideal structure in the body that makes them impermeable to water, but they breathe and cool the roof.

The tiles, due to the ideal porosity of their mass, allow perspiration without dripping water. This is a balance that is achieved by carefully selecting the Raw Materials and baking at appropriate, high temperatures.

Competitive products choose the silicone solution to achieve non-water permeability, creating a myth on the market that tiles should not absorb water. This is wrong, on the contrary, tiles as porous materials can and should absorb water, after all, thanks to this property they achieve the positive properties that only ceramics have, however water should not drip on the inside.

This myth has been created mainly because these tiles, without the addition of silicone, penetrate the water very easily, not being able to successfully pass the water permeability test. They are tiles that without silicone, are out of specifications.

And silicone is a material that does not withstand for many years the UV radiation it receives from the sun: after a few years, the roof will drip, and the tiles will break easily in the frost. So do not be fooled by marketing tricks that may show you a tile that the water slides on and moves away, as something amazing: it is simple silicone.

Our company, Gikas Roofing Roofers differentiates and innovates in this field, having chosen the difficult and painful path of quality, with tiles that succeed in all tests of water permeability and frost, without the need to add silicone.

On request, we can add if the customer wishes (it is not something special in terms of the production process, as it is a simple immersion in a suitable solution), but we are sure that the tiles will last without it, and will have no problem when the surface coating is burned by sunlight.

In addition, in our company, Gikas Roofing Roofers we do not follow the market trend by adopting silicone technologies, but after extensive research we use, when asked, new advanced materials which achieve hydrophobicity of the surface so that it does not absorb much moisture and tans from fungi, while allowing the perspiration of the roof.

5. Roofing tiles that do not have damage during delivery, nor during installation and cutting by the carpenter, which is done without damage

As you can find out more in our article “Tiles: The reason is about economy!”, The tiles Gikas Roofing Roofers choose in New Jersey have the greatest durability and are delivered with zero damage at the construction site. In addition, due to their structure, they show zero damage during the installation and during the construction works of the roof, offering speed in the construction and saving time and consequently, resources.

6. The ones that have excellent placement, because they are straight and do not break when we press on them during placement

The design of the tiles is such that it allows the excellent application of the tiles. Combined with their particularly high mechanical strength (up to 250kgr per piece, the largest in the domestic market), the tiles do not break during installation allowing the application crews to perform the work quickly and safely, without the fear of breaking a piece and damage must be repaired.

The roofing project is delivered quickly and economically

Prefer tiles that the carpenter suggests, because he knows that they are very good, the ones that have a good name in the market.

The experienced Gikas Roofers of tiled roofs, who have worked on the materials, recommend them unreservedly. Such is the trust they have in our products, that there are cases of craftsmen who prefer only tiles and do not change them, with any other material! They know that the Gikas roofing project will be completed quickly, economically, reliably while they want to have peace of mind, that their client will not complain to them about the material they offered him.

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