“Crisis” in online relationships


In “quarantine” and the sexual appetite of Greeks – “Crisis” in online relationships

The sexual appetite of Greeks due to coronavirus is in “crisis” since the sexual intercourse of couples has decreased by 25%. However, you can always visit Golden diamond escorts‘s website and stay tuned for the grand opening!

In particular, despite the good news from research abroad concerning the sex-coronavirus relationship, the results of research conducted by the Institute of Mental and Sexual Health show a reduction in the epic contact of couples by 25%.

This, according to the neurologist-psychiatrist, “is due to the sadness of the period, the couple’s bad interpersonal relationship, and the lack of sexual interest.”
“I will tell you that they do not sleep together and one in four, while the conflicts reach 25 to 30%”, he clarifies.

“The coronavirus is not a sexually transmitted disease. It is only found in oral kisses, it is not present in sperm or vaginal fluids “, on the occasion of an investigation into the transmission of COVID-19 from the male sperm.

According to him, the health crisis of the coronavirus seems to have favoured the permanent relations for security reasons while the casual sex shows… crisis.

At the same time, “online relationships” have increased. “They are not together and they are afraid that their relationship will be lost.

Because you know that when the relationship is remote and they live differently, the internet is an important bridge of communication, “said the neurologist-psychiatrist.

But there is also the other side of the coin, as it was found that couples who had a healthy relationship, confinement at home worked refreshingly.

More divorces due to house arrest

In particular, as a lawyer-mediator claimed, speaking on the morning show of the State Television: “It is indeed a great truth, the divorces increased during the quarantine period.

And why did this happen? Because many couples who were not doing well, found it as a pretext, were missing from home, they did not meet and very much now in the quarantine they were forced to stay at home they saw the problems in front of them.

So they came to some conclusions and many couples called the law firms to start the divorce proceedings. ”

Sex can help you overcome allergies and divorce

The biggest concern for our health right now is related to the coronavirus artery. However, there are those who, every spring, also struggle with allergies.

It is a factor that makes their daily lives more difficult since the action of antihistamines takes some time.

This means that for a few 24 hours, your reality should have rolling eyes and a stuffy nose.

But there may be a natural cure for this: sex!

It’s not funny! Some experts say that orgasm helps to get rid of your stuffy nose.
“The relationship between sexual arousal, the genitals and the nose is close,” explains Michael Benninger, an otolaryngologist at Cleveland Clinic.

When you are sexually aroused, the blood vessels in your genitals dilate and their tissue swells, allowing blood flow to increase.

However, it turns out that the swelling also occurs in the upper part of the body, including the nose. The turbines in the nasal cavity, which filter the air you inhale, inflate.

During sex, however, your body produces adrenaline that restricts blood vessels to reduce blood flow again, causing the blood vessels to shrink.

“As long as your nose has less blood flow, there is less inflammation,” says Dr. Benninger. “It means the nose is open and it’s easier to breathe.”

He points out that the effect can last for at least two hours after sex. He even advises that sexual intercourse take place before you fall asleep as its decongestant action will be easier.

Marc Goldstein, head of allergies at Pennsylvania Hospital, said that the best results come with the right attitude.

“If you lie down, gravity works against you and restores the congestion in your nose and worsens the symptoms compared to standing or sitting.”

So the best positions are the ones that aren’t lying down. Of course, your body can become your enemy. It has been observed that people who suffer from allergies have the lowest frequency of sex.

Nothing destroys the erotic mood more than the curl

Also, allergic people often have difficulty sleeping and this creates an exhaustion that leads to a lack of desire for sex for women in general and also escorts.

The use of antihistamines also causes vaginal dryness, which is another factor in abstaining from sex in times of allergy.

If those suffering from spring allergies had this information they would use lubricant and have sex more often.

This does not mean that it works for everyone and it is obviously not the first recommendation made by doctors to combat the symptoms.

“I usually recommend starting treatment with non-sedative antihistamines or endorphins for two or three weeks before the allergy season begins,” says Dr. Benninger. “The earlier allergies are treated, the easier it will be for those who suffer from allergies.”

But for those who did not plan to take their treatment early this year, there is this idea that is definitely good for many reasons.

After all, we have said many times that one of the benefits of sex in health is the strengthening of the immune system.

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