How to get rid of the bad drain smell?


Summer is a good time to increase the strong smells of the drains in your home, but Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου can help you deal with it. The unpleasant odors are a common problem and are found mainly in the drains of the house, in the bathroom and in the kitchen. The same happens when the home is closed with watertight windows, as the air circulates only through the sewer pipes. It should be noted, however, that the unpleasant odor is dangerou and toxic, it is urgent for us to resolve the problem immediately.

Use vinegar

Vinegar is a powerful natural cleanser with effective disinfectant action. A simple procedure you can follow is to let the tap water run to clean the bathroom pipe. Immediately after, this time pour a cup of vinegar into the floor siphon. Leave them on overnight so you don’t have to use the taps. The bad smell of the cesspool will be gone by the time you wake up.

Use lemon juice

If you still suffer from the bad smell of the drain, try the lemon. Respectively with vinegar, it disinfects and cleans naturally. It is no coincidence that the aroma of lemon is in all cleansers. So use 1 cup of lemon juice and mix it with 1 cup of boiling water before pouring it into the drain. Leave the mixture to act overnight and in the morning the smell will no longer exist.

With baking soda

If you find that the problem starts with the basin and its connection to the sewer, you can use soda. A cup of soda in the siphon can work effectively all night and eliminate bad odors. You can do this once a week, if you wish, because it helps maintain the pH at normal levels of 6.8-7.6.

Why does my drain clog?

By throwing objects

As mentioned above there are several causes that lead to clogged toilets which can vary whether you live in an apartment building or in a detached house. One of the most common reasons for clogging the toilet is throwing objects that are not water-permeable. For example, items such as lower quality toilet paper, sanitary napkins, used diapers and baby wipes cannot be broken down by water. This causes them to accumulate inside the pipes until they become clogged.

What we need to mention is that it usually takes more than one object to clog the toilet and the reason that more than one object falls has to do with the fact that we have come to the wrong conclusion having once thrown something that is not water-soluble.

To put it simply, the pelvis is not going to clog by throwing in a baby wipe. A baby wipe may appear to be gone after we pull out the cistern but it has probably remained in one of the corners of the pipes leading to the drain. So believing that the baby wipes are properly absorbed, the user continues to throw similar objects into the toilet bowl until they completely block a point in the piping.

Incorrectly installed piping

Another reason for blockage is poor quality and incorrect installation of the piping. We usually find this in older houses, in apartment buildings that were built in the 70-80s. This was a period of great upheaval in the construction industry which unfortunately led to lower quality constructions. It is not uncommon to see very small, in diameter, pipes installed in apartment buildings with too many apartments. There are also cases where the pipes are placed in such a way that inevitably angles are formed much sharper than they should and therefore create hotspot points for blockages.

Issues in the central sewerage

Finally, a rarer factor is that of the central sewer which can clog in cases of heavy rainfall. Until two decades ago, all the houses and apartments had their own septic tank, which has its own problems, so it was decided to stop using the septic tank and to connect all the buildings to a central municipal sewer through which its waters pass. So in cases where we have heavy rainfall or even floods, the part of the piping in which our building is connected to the central sewer can be blocked by branches and mud which has as a consequence the blockage of our system.

Call a plumber

In case none of the above steps helped to neutralize the unpleasant odors of the septic tank, it would be good to call a plumber to examine the problem. The problem may require blockage of the piping. The plumber will check if it is necessary to install a motor, which helps in the proper ventilation of the drain, in the last well of the pit. This will solve the problem of unpleasant odors forever. 

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