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Adjustable Lifting Bed Backrest Wedge Support for Sitting Up in Bed Breathable Fabric Head Pillow Body Positioners Nursing Care Patient Elderly for Read Eat Watch TV

79.99 CAD

  • 【LONGER BACKREST】 – Thanks to the backrest being extended to 30.7″, your head will enjoy perfect support. Other brands have a backrest length of only 23″
  • 【WON’T SWEAT】- The Textilene fabric has many mesh holes and a smooth, cool, water and oil resistant surface, so it won’t sweat on the back when used for a long time in hot summer days
  • 【BETTER THAN HEAD BOARD 】- Not have to rely on the headboard or wall, it stands up by itself, great substitute a pile of unstable pillows
  • 【SITTING UP IN BED】- The back rest facilitates the sitting up of bedridden people, elderly or patients with limited mobility etc. to eat, watch TV, read, using phone and using a laptop in bed. Of course, it is also suitable for healthy people
  • 【MORE USE CASES】- In addition to using it in bed, you can also play video games on the floor, rest on the beach, and have outdoor camping or picnics
  • 【MAKE INTO ADJUSTABLE BED】- The bottom of the leg has 5 adjustable seating positions, it’s your choice how inclined you want it. The 5 angles are: 15°, 30°, 40° 50° and 60°
  • 【LONGER FLAP】The extended 16″ fabric flap allows the hips to sit on it to avoid sliding and provide more stability. Other brands have a length of only 12″