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Handheld Magnifier with 5X Magnification

72.30 CAD

  • ★Easy to use, the light is nice and bright with 8 LED lights providing good lighting, eco friendly and energy efficient lamps ensuring a uniformly illuminated viewing area.
  • ★Well made magnifying glass, solid built in quality ABS plastic, finish surface without edges, light and elegant design.
  • ★High clarity with crystal glass lens pocket, with hard function and scratch resistant, this quality glass lens produces a superb quality image without distortion.
  • ★Easy to hold with a comfortable handle, its ergonomic construction gives it a good balance and a comfortable grip, do not feel too heavy or too light.
  • ★5x Magnifier ideal for viewing details in books, newspapers, magazines, cards, electronics, miniatures, jewelry, pill bottles, hobbies and crafts, comfortable ergonomic child handles, adults, seniors, amateurs and professionals.