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Magnifier Glasses with Light, Head Mount Magnifier ,Reading Magnifying Glasses , Jeweler Loupe Craft Watch Repair Hobby

83.40 CAD

  • ★Basic parameters of the magnifier : Magnification: 3.8X
  • ★This magnifying glass uses an optical glass lens, with hard and anti scratching feature, this quality glass lens makes superb quality image without distortions.
  • ★Rugged, easy to hold, comfortable ABS frame, solid well built with quality ABS frame, finish surface without any edges, stylish and portable light weight design.
  • ★This magnifying glass is Glasses, ergonomic construction gives it a good balance and a comfortable, make you feel not too heavy or too light.
  • ★Comfortable ergonomic glasses for children, adults, seniors, amateurs and professionals.