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Inflatable Shower Bathtub System – Bath Basin Kit for Bedridden Disabled Elderly Pregnancy, Adult in Bed Assistive Aid with 2.1 Gal Water Bag

95.00 CAD

  • PORTABLE BEDSIDE SHOWER BATHTUB SYSTEM KIT: Use with optional inflatable shampoo basin for ultimate convenience. Holds up to 2.1 of warm tap water, enough for a complete shampoo and rinse. Can be Hangs on an IV pole, bed post, or any other high mount hook.
  • EASY BATH IN BED & COMFORTABLE: Made of PVC, lightweight and soft for easily shampooing hair, an inflatable tub for full body bathing, a bedside shower.
  • Easy full body washing assitance aid makes bathing easier, safer and comfortable for individuals that are bedbound or with limited mobility at home.
  • A BETTER BATHING EXPERIENCE: Bathing with limited mobility can be difficult, but who doesn’t love a good wash? Our bathing aides make home bathing easier, safer & comfortable for individuals that bedridden, elderly, dissabled and save time for their caregivers.
  • Package include: 1x Inflatable Bathtub, 1 x Water bag with shower head, 1x Pump, 1x Inflatable Pillow.